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Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
] try a 20 pc bucket with 6 sauces. today tastes so good. energy drinks are coming under fire... witt reports of 55 monsser energy drink. caffeinn is one of the key ingredients. but... it can be haar to tell how muchhthey contain. consumer reports has just conductee lab tests on dozens of top-selling drinks. 3 (sot: commercial)"it's tough to stay sharp, so i take 5-hour energy."(v/o)energy drinns. evvryone from timm teeow a((ot: commercial) "they said i couldn't win a nntional championship."(v/o) &pa too50 cent and joannriverss a(sot: commercial"hit me, fiddy." (v/o)... are advertising them. with their facebook pages and internet peoole. but coosumer reeprts says ou hhvv to bb careful how much caffeine you riik. (sot)"it can quicken your pulse, cauue bnorral heart rhythms, keep you rom sleeping well, ann ellvate your blood pressure."(v/o) ponsumerrreports analyyed the caffeineecontent of 27 top-selling energy drinks - energy drinks - testing content oo 27 top-selling annlyzed the caffeineeconsumer repprts v/o)pressure."elevate your blood from sleeping well, and heart rhythms, kee
Nov 8, 2012 10:00pm EST
or illness...//. analysts... say... soldiers need... to be educattd... about energy drinks.... / and... the potential harrful effects on sleep and performance. in office chairs.. or on the g - sofa.. may bb packing fat around your hhart. heart. rrseerchers used pt scans ttoexamine thh body fat of more than five hundred adults ... thee founddthe more time spent sitting... the bigger the area of fat depositee around a person's heart. and that fat didn't budge... evenn when people undertook reeular exercise. doctorr... may be bias against people who are verweight....or obese. 3 that... according to researchers... who studied... mooe than ...22-hundred doctors .../ thhyy.. teeted two ttpes of behaviors..... / the biases ...people know ...they have.. ann the ones... thhy doctors... were llss biased... than their male counterparts... / put... theebbas remainedd strrng... among... men and women. .../ study research... did ot show patienns... wereetreated differently... by their doctorss a... hhward county couple
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)